Timothy Housman- Resident Photographer

Timothy Housman, has been working for scores of individuals and businesses throughout the area in various forms for approximately six years. Timothy decided to pursue his passion professionally after a life long interest where he enjoyed photographing images as a hobby. After a number of years he realized that not only did he have a passion for photography, he also had a talent and began to offer his services professionally.

To Jump-Start his career, Timothy started taking real estate photos for several friends in the Coachella Valley where his work produced excellent results and was received so well he decided to expand his portfolio to include other types of photography.

Through personal motivation and with the direction of other professionals whom Timothy admires, he was able to successfully expand his services to include; events, portraits, product, landscape photography and much more. You can reach Timothy Housman at https://thphotos.myportfolio.com/ and can be located in the directory portion of this website.